Frau Fiber Arrives to Haiti

In news on 2009/12/07 at 02:23

International garment news correspondent

Thursday, Frau Fiber began her three-week visit to Haiti.  She was greeting by The “Western Union” RaRa band, and she was extensively questioned by the boarder control, about the reason for her stay, and the amount of money she was carrying.  Concluding a one-hour wait for luggage, she was warmly greeted by two representatives from the Grand Rue.  The Grand Rue is a Ghetto in the middle of Port au Prince.  During her stay she will be exploring possibilities for apparel production in the region, transforming Pepe (second hand clothing imported from US) into garments reflecting the spirit of the Haitian people.  During Frau Fiber’s initial visit, she was introduced to Jonas the Tailor.  Further meetings are scheduled this week to discuss the possibilities of future development.  She also toured the local industry of wood workers producing crafts for the tourism industry of other Caribbean countries.  Frau Fiber was impressed by the ingenuity of the cottage industry, which is in place in the Grand Rue, and was quoted as saying “it is essential to build on the structure which is already in place, in order to further support the many needs of the population.”  Some of the obvious basic needs to be addressed are, composting toilets, clean water, and regular electricity.


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