News Flash! No regulation isn’t permission for abuse of power.

In product development on 2009/12/08 at 00:05

Today in Port au Prince, Frau Fiber confronted doing business in a country where there is no regulation?  It is clear many who flock to countries like Haiti where anything goes, see this as the ideal environment to have a company in the red, built on the backs of a work force desperate for a jobs.   So why not take advantage?

Frau Fiber, being a former textile worker has experienced the pressure of apparel production and comes to Haiti, attempting to develop a business model of collaboration between two textile workers, sharing each of their individual experiences, of coarse at times this is difficult, and today it seemed as if MADE IN HAITI teetered on the brink of collapse, as Frau Fiber and Jonas discovered what it means to collaborate, in a country still trying to overcome slavery.

The pursuit of collaboration proved fruit full over a bundle of Pepe, and at the end of the day, each left the Grand Rue, filled with ideas about how the garments will be remade.  Work will begin at 8am tomorrow.


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