CF Bazile attended conference in Madison WI

In news on 2011/04/14 at 00:54

From apparel news sources

Wednesday April 12, 2011

MADISON – Social Entrepreneur and partner of Made in Haiti with Frau Fiber attended The Mid America American Studies Conference at the University Wisconsin Madison.

CF Bazile was seen throughout the day, conversing with Dr. Hanna Rose Shell, filmmaker and historian and the co-produce for the film, Second Hand Pepe. CF Bazile attuned two panels, Assemblage, and the Legacy of Work: Technology, Craft and DIY, featuring speakers from around the United States.

CF Bazile’s visit concluded with attending an exhibition where MADE IN HAITI, was premièred to the Madison, WI community.  MADE IN HAITI was well received, and several pieces were sold.  She’s quoted as saying “I’m glad there’s such enthusiasm,” and, with a project like MADE IN HAITI, “Each of Us Can Change the World.”

Dr. Hannah Rose Shell wearing her MIH apron.

CF Bazile, speaking with local press


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