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Frau Fiber’s 2nd Mission to Haiti

In news on 2010/04/27 at 21:22

This month Frau Fiber returned to Port Au Prince.  Her work  as Special Envoy to Haiti, Apparel Production is continuing.  This self appointed position, is keeping her busy, preparing the second collection of Made in Haiti, which will be presented in West Hollywood CA in May.  She brought for Jonas gifts of 20 yards of 3/4″ Elastic, 1 lb on pins, 1 box of tailors chalk, a french curve ruler, a clear 2″ ruler, 1 bag of buttons, and 100 zippers.

In 5 Days Jonas and Frau Fiber created a collection of 20 one off pieces.

Thank you Junior for the translation help.  Photographs by Ronald Bazile.