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Sewing in a Red Zone

In news on 2010/08/22 at 22:51

Tucked away in a corner of the Grand Rue, (US Government has defined as a red zone, because of saftey concerns) next to a make shift tire wall, you will find Jonas the tailor and Frau Fiber, working from 8 am-4 pm.  The set up is simple, one treadle sewing machine, two tables, one for cutting and one for designing and two pieced together chairs.  The two textile workers are greeted by people in the neighborhood, some stay for a while, some just say hello.

The worksite has had some challenges, non of which have been any problems with violence.  Made in Haiti was hit by a summer storm, which stranded Jonas, Jr. (translator) and Frau Fiber, for about 30 minutes at the end of a workday.  At the conclusion of the storm a shallow pool of water had surrounded them, and like the children of the grand rue, they happily splashed their way through to get to dry land.


Made in Haiti Funds a Funeral

In news on 2010/08/22 at 22:35

A week ago Friday, Jonas received a phone call, after he hung up the phone, he told me his mother had been hit pay a car.  He wanted to finish working that day, but I insisted he go to Leogone to find out about his mother.  He was back to work on Saturday.  Sunday he needed to leave early, to see his mother.  On Wednesday the doctor called, and said she needed a blood transfusion and wanted Jonas blood.  He said no he would not as his mother wasn’t eating, talking, and he didn’t think she would live even with the transfusion.  He decision seemed humane to me, tough decisions that people are faced with.  Jonas mother lived through the earthquake only to die walking in the street.   Jonas two weeks of work will pay for his mother’s funeral.   She was buried today, and when I spoke with Jonas this morning he was digging her grave and preparing the site.  He was in good spirits and told me he will be back at his machine to finished the made in Haiti pieces tomorrow.

Multiple Posts

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The wireless as been down off and on for the last few days due to power loss and thunder storms.  So posting multiple times today.

Jonas the Tailor

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Jonas La Baze, began sewing at fifteen, and he has become a master craftsperson over the years!  I have learned to respect his tailoring skills, and each day we have our discussions on which to use, Frau Fiber’s intentional sloppy techniques, or Jonas’s perfectly tailored.  Made in Haiti garments are starting to have a balance of both.  Today, Jonas taught me a new method for binding arm and necklines.  I’ve been sewing sense I was 9 years old and have always struggled with bindings, mine are forever crooked, but I have learned to just go with it, hoping one day it would be perfected.  Binding is a cleaner, higher end version of facing we use it often in Made in Haiti garments. I’ve been watching Jonas perform this sewing magic for a few days now  I will be sharing his trick in the September Sewing Rebellion,

Page from Jonas pattern making notebook.