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New CEO announced

In official statement on 2011/01/31 at 19:39

Frau Fiber CEO and president of Made in Haiti, is stepping down from the business operations of the company on February 1, 2011.  It’s been an adventurous year, but it’s time for a stronger businessperson to take the lead.

Frau Fiber’s is appointing a Chief Financial Officer is C. F. Bazile, a social business entrepreneur who is dedicated to economic development in Haiti, who respects the workers, and will be an advocate for honorable wages. Frau Fiber has indicated his willingness to consult when needed.

Frau Fiber led Made in Haiti during its founding, and early stages of its economic development. She leaves the fiscal roll of Made in Haiti with a strong foundation and exceptional balance sheet.  Frau Fiber felt it was time for her to step down, and pass the torch to someone who is better-equipped business person and marketer; after all I’m just a textile worker and activist, not an entrepreneur.